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Battlerock Studios is an independent game studio made up of Troy Sanders and Ben Mock. They venture to create impossible worlds and design addicting games while listening to great music!


Early history

Our story begins in the distant future (2009) with Troy Sanders working at a small town pizza shop. His co-workers nicknamed him “T-rock” because his name starts with “T” and he Rocks. Somehow this turned into some story about him having his own planet called T-rocktopia.

His friend [Ben Mock] heard about his planet and said, “dude! Please let me write the story line for T-rocktopia!” (because you know, he likes writing stories and drawing.)

So T-Rocktopia became a story about Four Heroes, who can use Music and Acoustical Energy to protect the Planet of Music against evil Cyborgs and Robots.

Then with the combined powers of Ben Mock’s Graphic Design skills and Troy Sanders Programming skills, they started making games.

So now they make games.



Troy Sanders (the programmer) secretly worked on Taptopia for two months before he decided to reveal it to Ben Mock (the artist). Ben took to it with a lot of excitement! The team decided to work towards releasing the game onto the Google Play store and eventually the Apple App store.


Battlerocktopia was the team's next released title. It actually was created in two weeks for the Indie Game Making Contest (months before Taptopia existed). It received a lot of attention in that competition as it was the most unique title submitted in the Action/Arcade genre. This game is the prototype/demo to what the T-Rocktopia video game will be like. It also is the first game that the team managed to release on multiple platforms (PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android).


The most recent game released by the team is Shadowtopia. The game was made in 4 hours during the Ludum Dare 35 game jam after Troy realized that there was a Ludum Dare happening that weekend. He joined late and managed to crank out 90% of the game in that short amount of time. Currently, the team is working on multiple projects: VR/AR projects, T-Rocktopia, Battle of the Cards, and the graphic novel.








Battle of the Cards

Mobster Lobsters


Graphic Novel: T-rocktopia and the Knee of Justice

Project “BattleSmash”

Multi-player Beat Em' Up: T-rocktopia


Taptopia YouTube

Battlerocktopia YouTube

Shadowtopia Facebook

A quick run through some Shadowtopia levels in the latest version. Get it on Android:

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Team & Repeating Collaborators

Troy Sanders
Director of Technology, Battlerock

Ben Mock
Director of Art & Writing, Battlerock

Dayton Murphy
Artist, Freelancer

Matt "in the Hat" Mulhern
Artist, Freelancer

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